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Denver, CO

Marketing firm for creatives

Decisive ~ Driven ~ Realistic ~ Luxurious ~ Opulent ~ Self Assured ~ Strong ~ Market Leader ~ Compelling ~ Dynamic

Brand Keywords

Touch of Sass, a marketing firm that's as fearless and creative as the clients it represents. In a world where standard is the norm, Touch of Sass dares to defy. Specializing in catapulting both creative minds and fierce female entrepreneurs into the limelight, their approach is anything but conventional. Bold, relentless innovation is their game. At Touch of Sass, they’re not just about fitting into the market mold – they’re about shattering it. Their team is a powerhouse mix of savvy strategists and creative wizards, all committed to crafting campaigns that amplify the unique voice of every client. From up-and-coming artists to powerhouse entrepreneurs, Touch of Sass is the go-to for badass babes ready to claim their market throne.

Touch of Sass fills a niche in the marketing world by offering specialized, creative + bold marketing strategies for women-led creative businesses and entrepreneurs.

Touch of Sass was getting lost in the sea of traditional marketing firms. The brand needed a spark to stand out and truly represent its unique clientele of creatives and badass babes.

To disrupt the status quo, Touch of Sass needed more than just a facelift – it needed a revolution. Our challenge was to transform a bland, forgettable brand presence into something as fierce and unforgettable as the clients they represent. The brand was craving an identity that not only stood out in a crowded market but also resonated with the bold spirit of its audience.

The Challenge

A Brand That Echoes with Fierce Presence

The rebranding of Touch of Sass was a resounding success. The new brand image is bold, sassy, and unapologetically vibrant, resonating powerfully with creative mavericks and badass babes. Client engagement skyrocketed, with an increased influx of businesses seeking a marketing firm that dared to be different. Touch of Sass emerged not just as a service, but as a beacon for those who dare to defy the ordinary in the business world.

The Solution

Rachel, Founder of Touch of Sass Marketing

"As the driving force behind Touch of Sass Marketing, I knew we needed a partner who could match our energy and ambition. Frankie from Cult Classics was exactly that and more. From our first strategy session, Frankie got our vibe instantly. They transformed our brand into something that not only stands out in a saturated market but also genuinely resonates with our daring clientele. The creativity, attention to detail, and bold approach were beyond what we hoped for. Thanks to Frankie, Touch of Sass isn’t just a marketing firm anymore; it’s a brand with a roar that echoes across our industry. We couldn’t have asked for a better collaborator to amplify our vision."

Never in a million
years did I think it could look this GOOOD!

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